send me links to amazing petopher fics? thanks babies.

Peter Hale rec list

Short Petopher rec list

Peter Hale, fucked by alphas compilation

Corullin’s Petopher recs

Things I’m reading atm:

That was Then, This is Now  (WIP. feels)

Right on Cue   (porn)

Sacrifice to Checkmate  (WIP. not Petopher yet, but will be later on).

Some favourite authors:





Corullin’s mega list of all Petopher things

THANK YOU! That was Then, This is Now is actually REALLY AMAZING! 

When I’m older and maybe have kids, I will talk to them and I will listen and even though they may get pissed off about me being nosy as fuck, I will make it comfortable for them to tell me how they are feeling, Because quite honestly, That is why I have so much trouble expressing how I feel and what I feel, because my parents were never the ones to ask what I was feeling.